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Knowledge Base Website Features

The Website is a knowledge base that is available for content consumers. It's a result of your content creation. Fast and robust, mobile-friendly, and SEO-optimized application. Here your customers or colleagues will get your Product Docs, Knowledge Base.

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Enjoyable & Usable

Incredible Speed

Fast Loading

Knowledge Base Website content compressed and cached! Take a look at the screenshot – high score at the Google PageSpeed Insights!

Content Delivery Network

Uploaded images stored in the CDN. It allows reducing the latency when loading frequently accessed content by up to 70%, improving the overall site or app performance.

Clean Structure


Deeply nested tree view navigation.


Your customers will always know where they are right now.

Previous & Next

Easy access to the previous or next article!

Responsive Design

Mobile-First Design

Knowledge Base Website Design is mobile-first that's why it looks so good.

Responsible Template

The responsive design of the Knowledge Base Website adjusts to the user’s screen size and orientation. Your Knowledge Base will look gorgeous on any desktop and mobile browser.

Multi Language Content

Popular Translations

Knowledge Base Website was translated to English, Russian, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese languages.

Need more?

We're open to adding new languages! Contact us at

Interactable Environment

Global Search

Blazing Fast

Search the entire Knowledge Base with our search engine that returns results in milliseconds!

Recent Searches

You can quickly repeat a search from the recent list.

External Content

Rich Embeds

The following services are beautifully embedded in your Knowledge Base articles: Figma, Airtable, Codepen, Github Gist, Spotify, Trello, Typeform, Vimeo.

Need more?

We're open to adding new embeddings! Contact us at



Add Intercom Messenger to your Knowledge Base or install Wannadocs Application for searching articles right into Intercom chat!


Add a Chatra Messenger just in one click!

Need more?

We're open to adding new integrations! Contact us at

Articles Feedback


Your customers can leave positive, neutral, or negative feedback for any article. You will always know which articles your customers need.

Totally SEO Optimized

Search Engines Bots Friendly


The Website has a proper Robots.txt file so that Search Engines Bots will know about where to get your Sitemap.


Your Knowledge Base always will have an actual Sitemap so that Search Engines Bots will know about your updates in time.
Multi Projects

Social Networks Preview

Charged with OpenGraph Tags

Your articles previews in social networks will look gorgeous with modern semantic HTML and OpenGraph tags.

Auto-Generated OpenGraph Images

For each article, we generate a beautiful article preview image!

Secured With SSL Certificate

Free SSL Certificate

Every Knowledge Base gets a free and secure SSL certificate out-of-box!

"A" Rating Security

A combination of SSL Certificate and proper secure web server settings provide an "A" grade rating on SSL Labs website.
SSL Certificate

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