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Knowledge Base Portal Features

The Portal is a knowledge management system for content producers. It's the heart of the Wannadocs that is available only for knowledge base owners and editors. Here you will create and edit articles, see Analytics, manage Project settings and Team.

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Content Management


Content Nesting

Articles and categories can be deeply nested. Try drag and drop it!


Create articles on different languages or use them for versioning.

Multi Projects

One account can be a member of many projects. Changing the project is very easy.


Markdown Support

Wannadocs was designed as a content creation platform with a user-friendly editor!

Title Image

Upload a custom article main image or just choose an Emoji from a classic list for that.

Rich Embeds and more!

Figma, Airtable, Codepen, Github Gist, Spotify, Trello, Typeform, Vimeo. Autosaving, Drag & Drop, Hotkeys.

Import & Export

Content Importing

Import content directly from Google Docs, Github Wiki, Dropbox Paper, Notion or upload .docx, Markdown, or .html files.

Exporting articles in PDF

You can export any article to a PDF file in just one click!

Branding & Appearance


Logo & Favicon

Upload your company logo and favicon.

Main Color

Choose your company color and it becomes the main theme color of your Knowledge Base.

Custom Domain

Attach your domain, for example,, or

Custom CSS & JS

Custom CSS

You can add some custom styles to make your Knowledge Base more unique.

Custom JS

Custom JavaScript allows you to add third-party services easily.

Project Settings

Multi Projects

Easy to Manage

Create, edit, or even delete a Project just in a few clicks!


One account can be a member of different projects. With "Admin" role in one project, and "Read-only" user in another.
Multi Projects

Team Management


Send an invite to your colleagues and start creating articles together.

Access Rights

Specify access rights for each Team member – Read-only, Editor, or Admin.

Access Management


You can hide a Knowledge Base content from Search Engines Bots until your articles are not ready for it. Just choose a "Private" option in the "Visibility" settings.

Restrict Access

Opportunity to make an internal Knowledge Base with private access only for your Team.
Access Management


Full Backup

A full project backup can be requested from Portal. We’ll put together a zip of all your articles in Markdown format and email it to you.




We have built-in basic metrics for articles so that you will always know which articles your customers need.


See what your visitors search and measure the article's impact on the fly.

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