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Build stunning and easy-to-manage documentation

To create a high-quality knowledge base, you need to focus on content creation. We put a lot of efforts to relieve you of a technical routine and provide you with the best solutions in supporting your customers.

Knowledge Base Portal

The Portal is a knowledge management system for content producers. It's a heart of Wannadocs wrapped in a simply interface. Knowledge base owners and editors will create and work on articles, see analytics, manage project or team settings here.

Content Nesting

Drag and drop your articles and categories to nest them as deep as necessary.

Great opportunities

Figma, Airtable, Codepen, Github, Typeform, YouTube, Vimeo, etc.

Content Importing

Import content directly from Notion, Google Docs, Github Wiki.

Knowledge Base Website

The Website is a knowledge base for content consumers. It's a result of your content creation in a fast, robust, mobile-friendly, and SEO-optimized application. Your customers and colleagues will see ready articles here.

Fast Loading

Your content will be compressed and cached. As a result, a high score at the Google PageSpeed.

Popular Translations

English, Russian, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese.

Content Delivery Network

Uploaded images are stored in CDN. Your customers will get content faster.

What you can do with Wannadocs?

A knowledge base created with Wannadocs is a powerful tool to keep your experience and documentation in one place.

Help Center
Build an amazing self-service knowledge base for your products.
Technical Documentation
Create and maintain how-to guides, tutorials, and release notes.
User Guides and Manuals
Replace static PDF documents with flexible and easy-to-manage user guides.
Internal Knowledge Base
Build private documentation with authorization for your employees or customers.

Customers Reviews

We believe Wannadocs is a good place to build strong and reliable relationships with your customers and teammates.

"Our customer support team gets hundreds of messages 24/7: incidents, changes in services and terms, and a lot of information requests. With our company growth, we also need optimization of customer support workflows: for example, reducing tickets quantity per customer, increasing completeness of answers, and reducing iterations in one ticket. The knowledge base is the exact tool that we needed here. In the beginning, we researched an opportunity to use WordPress, static sites, and finally, we've chosen Wannadocs."

Fedor Rusakov
Chief Marketing Officer, Miran

"One of our major tasks is to provide customers with documentation for our product and Wannadocs is a good solution for that. Before migrating to this service, we tested about 10 other services for knowledge base management but because of the different reasons, they didn't fit us. First of all, I would like to mention a comfy portal, fast speed of service, and mobile devices optimization. Big thanks to the Wannadocs Team for understanding issues of our business, helping us in resolving them, and reducing our costs for customer support."

A technology-first approach to content creation

Build production-ready documentation with modern tools. Using the Wannadocs platform, you will forget about a technical routine. Just focus on helping your customers.

Content Management

Autosave, Markdown support, Content variants, Backup & Restore, Export to PDF, and a lot more in one comfy editor.

Projects & Team

Shift between projects easily. Manage the whole team and invite new members to join you.

Access & Visibility

Make a private Knowledge base, or restrict public access with a password.

Custom Branding

We value diversity! Upload a logo, change the primary color, use custom CSS, or attach your domain name.

Powerfull Analytics

We have built-in basic metrics for articles to let you know what articles your customers need.

SEO optimized

An XML sitemap, Robots.txt, Open Graph, markup, and a free domain with an SSL certificate.

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